Berlin is the capital and the biggest town in Germany . It has a population of about 3.5 million and extends over 889 kilometres. Berlin is located in central Europe, longitude 13:25 E, latitude 52:32 N, and is 34 m above sea level Originally Slavic tribes who were replaced by German settlers in the 11th […]

Afghanistan: Conquerable but Uncontainable

Few nations in Asia have remained truly independent in the past several millenia.Even the powerful nations of China and India have been under foreign occupation for long periods of time.The people of Afghanistan, on the other hand, have been around to witness the great conquerors over many centuries, yet would never be under foreign domination […]


Sharon Matute October 24, 1999 Art 100 – 007 Professor Sax Art can be used to study the progression of a civilization through time.Art is usually used to express one's beliefs religiously, politically, and sometimes as a source of communication, which is accomplished through imagery.Symbols in works of art can be related to nature and […]

afghanistan in 1979

In 1979, using the Brezhnev Doctrine as an excuse, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to support a new Communist government.The Soviets took control of the major cities but they were not able to wipe out resistance in the countryside.The invasion of Afghanistan led to a collapse of détente with the United States.The Soviets had more […]

A Matter of Failure Turned Successful

What factors turned England's Chesapeake colony of Virginia from stark failure to brilliant success? In the 1580's, the English landed in an unknown world called America.They quickly set up camp and created the small city of Roanoke, in present-day North Carolina.The population of Roanoke colony was very small; they were English's prototype colony.The expedition leader, […]

Days of Terrorism

Violent acts such as bombings, assassinations, and hi-jacking are known to be described as terrorist actions.Terrorism is a growing international problem and governments have had little success to resolve issues in which terrorism is used. September 11, 2001, one of the most important dates I will remember throughout my life.It was morning just as I […]

Banking Industry

Commercial Bank vs. Thrift Institution Commercial banks are considered to be the largest group of depository institutions when measured by asset size; they are very distinguishable from savings institutions and credit unions in the size, regulation and composition of their loans and deposits. Deposits are the main source of funding for commercial banks while their […]


The King was overthrown in 1973. Muhammad Daoud took the power as President of the Afghanistan. He established an autocratic, one-party state, later had purged his government of leftists, and in the last years of his rule had sought financial support form Iran, ruled by the Shah, and Saudi Arabia in order to make Afghanistan […]

Antigone as Tragic hero

Have you ever wondered why Sophocles named his famous play after Antigone, and not Creon? Is it because she is the real tragic hero? Many critics including myself feel that Antigone is the true tragic hero, as she possesses many qualities that qualify her a tragic hero. This protagonist has a high social standing, is […]


Afghanistan is a third world country that has been ravaged for the past two decades by wars, massive poverty, and horrendous crimes against humanity. This country has known little normalcy due to unstable and corrupt governments, the Russian/Afghanistan War, countless religious zealots leaders, and even an ongoing civil war between rival tribes. A reporter described […]