Athens Vs. Sparta

There were two major polises in Ancient Greece. These polises were very different form each other and are thought to be the two most different polises in Greece. Both of these polises had advantages and disadvantages for there citizens. Both polises had different forms of government, Athens was democratic and Sparta was totalitarian. Both of […]

The Banjo Lesson vs The Executions of the Third of May

Some people say, “Opposites attract.”Well, I would like to think “Opposites have a tendency to compliments each other.”My concept can be found true if you look at art. Just like basketball, the principles of design (of art) use quick and noticeable elements to create fast breaks that’ll (without you noticing) lead you into an alley-oop […]

The Question of the Grotesque in the Film

By definition, the word "grotesque" refers to those "distorted forms" that are "strange, ugly, bizarre, or fantastic" in their appearance (Wikipedia 1). The grotesque also refers to aspects of life that repel, horrify, and cause strong feelings of disgust or repulsion. When watching Volker Schlondörff's film "The Tin Drum," the viewer is forced to look […]


Confucius was a large believer that things should be based on virtue, and not on blood. Confucius stated that the ideal person was one of good moral character.The ideal person was also truly reverent in worship and sincerely respected his father and his ruler. He was expected to think for himself, guided by definite rules […]


Being the most influential men in psychology, Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung had both similarities and differences in their theories and insights. Although they shared many of the same beliefs like in dreams and their symbolism of the unconsciousness, and how the unconscious mind determines traits of personality. The majority of their work contradicted […]

The Ballet Russe

Dance, as we know it today, has evolved into a tremendously popular aesthetically pleasing form of entertainment. It merges with other forms of art to create one master piece, a sort of melting pot of art. Before the time of Diaghilev and the Ballet Russe, dancing was not nearly as exciting and stimulating to watch, […]


The Confucian tradition, which began during the Han dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE) strongly stressed that all of society, including the government, could be run according to the principles of the family.The family was the moral and political model for all organizations.The commonly used phrase ?§blood is thicker than water? holds true in China.The biological bond […]

The Attentive Eye of Elliot Erwitt

The key to being a great photographer is to be able to see what no one else can.One must capture those poignant moments in life that speak for themselves and that carry multiple meanings, layered on top of one another.It is surely a great feat to be able to take pictures and turn them into […]

The Possible Problems of Balkan Accession to the European Un

Though this paper is meant to address a current event pertaining to the European Union, it is difficult to explain some things without delving into the past.This paper deals not with a single concrete event, but rather a process that could have deep implications for the European Union.This process involves one of the most ethnically […]


Conformity is an essential part of every culture. It's basic a likeness and understanding that can draw people together.A culture who has citizens who conform will be stronger. The regularity brings power, and stability. Because if all men are equal,then those who are together will become stronger than those alone. Conformity can be small things […]