Value of an education

The Value of an Education at Old Dominion University All my life I have dreamed about my graduation from high school and furthering my education in college.Coming from a family that stresses the value of education and demands high educational standards, it has always been my belief that education is one of the most valuable […]

University Student Success Guide

This paper discusses the qualities and methods needed in a student success guide. This guide outlines what students must do to perform well and complete their education satisfactorily regardless of the institution they attend. Of primary concern to most students when entering college is their ability to achieve, succeed and acquire their diploma. Many universities […]

twelfth night

Comedic Conflict and Love in Trevor Nunn's "Twelfth Night" Trevor Nunn’s direction of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” takes away some of the confusion present in the reading of the text, which begins with the complicated love interests of the main characters. Having been the artistic director for the world famous Royal Shakespeare Company for eighteen years, […]

The trial

This disturbing and vastly influential novel has been interpreted on many levels of structure and symbol; but most commentators agree that the book explores the themes of guilt, anxiety, and moral impotency in the face of some ambiguous force. Joseph K. is an employee in a bank, a man without particular qualities or abilities. He […]

My Most Important Decision

It was the most important decision that I had ever made. It has molded me into the person that I am today. It is the reason why I choose to live my life the way that I do. This one decision has given me a reason to hold on in times of struggle and turmoil. […]

Essay for Admission to Tulane University

The rapidly changing economic situation over the past decade led to tremendous growth and transformation in the healthcare industry. Most traditional single-entity hospitals are now developing into multi-organizational hospital systems. Meanwhile, the challenge to remain a successful entity and deliver high-quality services becomes increasingly difficult. Such a difficult environment demands the leadership of individuals with […]

Scholarship Essay – Texas A&M University

Throughout my life, people have always compared our house to a jungle. I have never understood why…after all, like every other American family, ours consists of a husband and wife, three glorious children, seven Rhodesian Ridgebacks, one stray cat, and fifteen Romognola cows. This is normal…right? Even I can answer this…NO! Yes, the rumors are […]

Finding Success by Attending College

When a little child is asked, “what would you like to be when you grow up?” there are so many responses to this question. I remember when I was a little girl and I was asked this question my answer was “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” That was about 11 […]

Statement Letter – Psychology MA Degree Admissions

My dedication to furthering my education in the field of psychology is unstoppable. Psychology has always been a passion of mine, but not until recently have I taken advantage of the opportunity to pursue my innermost dreams. I can remember as far back as 7th grade, having the desire to become a psychiatrist. Although becoming […]

Graduate School – Statement of Purpose

I typed so furiously my roommate thought my fingers had become infected with a strange disease. When he asked what I was working on with such intensity, I told him that I was placing the finishing touches on my senior project. I didn’t want to tell him that I had also vowed to help my […]