athens vs sparta

It has been a long time since we have spoken. That is unfortunate. The conflict our polis’ have had may be the reason for this. How are the children, and how is life? I am mystified of your reasons for being so proud of being a simple spartan. Being a citizen of athens carries great respect and priviliges. As the leader in olive production, we citizens of Athens ensure our needs for any commodities are met. Athens is prospering thanks to our rich olive producing soil. Maybe if your soil wasn’t drenched in the blood of each other, Sparta would be world renowned for agriculture. My dear friend, you are not allowed any luxuries. I have 2 estates and many fine women here in Athens, I drink fine wines and soak in the sun all day. You may think that i am weak, and i am soft, but i know i just know how to live with luxury. Once a week i enjoy a delightful play at the amphitheatre, you should really come and visit me, the presentation is rivalled only by the fantastic stories. Have the perioeci attempted to revolt again. I keep on telling you that tis wouldn’t happen if you werentout numbered ten to one. If you have any spare money to invest, i would recomend that you give it to me, we have some marvelous pottery shops opening, all they need is some funds to get started. How old are you now friend, must be around 35, well dont worry, only 25 more years before retirement, hahaha.I would have to say it is a shame you don’t get to see your children grow up, what exactly are they being taught in these state run schools you speak so highly of? My children are being tutored thouroughly . They are being schooled in philosophy, the arts, sciences, and math. Hopefully the persians don’t invade soon, Athens is beginning to prosper, and there isn’t enough money to be made fending off invaders. How exactly do you manage to have so many servants around. I can only afford three for my entire family.I do not like the way your gove

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