Minotaur kills Perry’s mom and Percy Jackson kills the Minotaur. It is crazy because he kills the creature with one of its own horns! A Minotaur is a big bull type of creature, sent from Hades. Hades is the ruler of the underworld or ”Hades” as they call it. Percy Jackson goes on this amazing journey with his friends Grover and Enabled to save his mother from Hades and prove that he is not the lightning thief. The lightning thief is actually Luke, another demigod from camp half-blood. Luke is the son of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Apparently Luke wanted to start a war among the Gods.

This story is filled with great adventure, mystery, and excitement! All throughout the story, it kept me on my toes. Saw the movie and read the book and noticed that there were a lot of differences, but for the most part, the plot stayed the same. On my movie poster, it shows a part of the story, which I like, dislike, and was confused about. What I liked about it IS when Percy killed the Minotaur. The part I disliked is when I thought his mom Sally died. This part also confused me because I did not know she was still alive.’,’Rick Riordan ‘),